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Internet marketing has been steadily increasing in reputation and many businesses both large and small have been developing awesome websites to help promote their business or products. Joomla & WordPress are the most commonly used systems that many find both easy to use and also professional looking. Best of all it provides them with privileges and features to easily and quickly create a website that is appealing and eye-popping. By simply selecting one of the following multipurpose WordPress & Joomla themes will be just what you may have been seeking for to get your business website running in no time. Every WordPress & Joomla theme below has great features and designs for your business or corporate websites.

#1: Joomla

Elos - Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Theme

Elos is a Premium and highly Responsive Multipurpose Joomla theme with advanced admin panels. It’s exceptionally customizable in nature, very easy to use and also fully responsive. Because it’s well suited for most businesses, Elos is great as a starting point for any custom project. This CMS theme includes several Joomla extensions including free blog and info-graphics that will enable you take your sales to the next level. On its main page, you can quickly show all company details without losing customer attention. Elos is extremely beautiful and compactible on mobile devices. It is also loaded with unrestricted options like multiple header types, multiple slideshow variation mega menu, Footer types and Home page variations. It comes with predefine ten home page skins.

Joosa – Multipurpose & Responsive Joomla Theme

When it is possible to lay your hands on more, then why settle for less? Joosa is professional and device or mobile ready ‘multi-purpose Joomla theme’, developed in Bootstrap structure with amazing consideration to so many features and details. The template offers numerous opportunities to customize site with easy and powerful admin options or panel. The theme can be standing ground or stepping stone for your next Facebook or Amazon like startup. It is that powerful and nifty.

Three In One Theme:

· Social Theme Using Jomsocial

· Ecommerce Theme Using Virtuemart

· Directory Theme Using Sobipro

Cube+ - Multipurpose and One Page Parallax Joomla Theme

Cube+ is a Not only Onepage parallax theme but also Non-Parallax Business theme. Cube+ is a Contemporary ‘Multipurpose Parallax One page’ Joomla Template. This theme is exceptionally suited for corporate, portfolio, creative agency, or personal blog. Its Landing Page is designed with modern look and feel while keeping in mind user friendly environment or interface. Cube+ is also fully responsive and catchy as it looks stunning on any smart device. Cube+ is equally loaded with K2, Kunena and multiple language support with RTL.

#2: WordPress

Qnima - One Page Multipurpose WordPress theme

Qnima is another powerful one page multipurpose WordPress theme that has five themes that comprises of Business, Ecommerce, Resume Mobile App, and Tour themes that allow for you to cover everything you need in one WordPress theme. If you are an administrator, you can easily change the themes and layouts to fit your needs and also design Blog pages, by using a product slideshow to best showcase your products or services.

Cube+ - Onepage and Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Cube is a stunning multipurpose theme with an Onepage Parallax + Commercial + Ecommerce WordPress Theme within ‘Woo commerce’ Plugins. Cube+ is a Modern Multipurpose Parallax One page WordPress Theme. This theme is also highly suitable for company, product, ecommerce or personal blogs. The Landing Page is designed with modern look and feel while keeping in mind user friendly interface. Cube+ is fully responsive and retina ready as it looks stunning on any mobile devices. Cube+ is filled with ‘Woo commerce’ for shopping cart integration, BBPress for Forums and WPML for several language support with RTL.

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WordPress templates for business directory websites

Business directory websites have to provide information regarding the different types of businesses that can be found in an industry or region. The precision of the task of making a business directory website makes it difficult to pick the correct WordPress template for this purpose.

Many components have to come together in the proper proportion for the business directory to serve the purpose intended. A business directory WordPress template needs to have images, ratings, addresses, telephone numbers and Google map sections. Business directories have to be easy to navigate and provide the information properly.

Here is a list of some of the WordPress templates that can be used for making a business directory website.

Good Bye Blue Sky Template
Price: $29.00

This is a simple to use theme developed for WordPress. It is similar to an online portal where different type of businesses can be categorised. Admin at the backend is easy to use and the listings can be done quickly. Advertising space can be allocated in a short span of time. Filters and searches can be individually customised.

This theme can easily be used on mobile devices. The variety of options in widgets and in build options that help in achieving a unique look for the website. Google maps are fully integrated with the theme and location can be pointed.

Grunge But Clean Template
Price: $29.00

"Grunge But Clean" provides easy navigation through the pages. The directory website will be different from the other themes due to a vibrant mix of colour and features. Most importantly it’s a mobile friendly template that is a must for every website in today’s world.

This theme can only be used for a limited type of businesses as it doesn’t have that typical business directory look. So restaurant listing will be fine but a proper wide ranged list of all the businesses in a particular region will not go with this theme.

This template is user friendly and customisation can be done easily. In monetary terms this theme is an investment and if used for the proper industry it will be hugely popular.

G-Style Template
Price: $29.00

"G-Style" is a great theme to use when integrated with other plugins. It offers a variety of features that can be customised on the basis of the business mentioned. It is user friendly and the features can be understood quickly.

This helps in making the page creation of the directory website quick. There are single page views and the content can be added even after the template limit is over. The content is not limited and can be viewed with ease.

Because the Rain Template
Price: $29.00

This template is especially designed for a local business directory. Additional widgets can be used without compromising the clean look of the website. Google maps can be used to detailed listings as well.

"Because the Rain" allows the website to change the language of the text with the preferences of the consumers. There is a special space for promotional content. Events happening in the local town can also be placed here.

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Are web designers and front-end developers in danger because all the templates are available for CMS like Joomla and WordPress?

Over the years the website design industry has changed. It has adapted to survive in a highly competitive industry. A rapid rise in the popularity of CMS (content management system) has brought the biggest modification in the website design industry. When creating the website for your business you might come across a point where you need to decide which CMS you should use for your website.

Let’s talk about the two CMS WordPress and joomla. Both WordPress and joomla are open-source software. To support the latest technology these platforms are regularly maintained and continuously improved. They can be expanded by add-ons hence enhancing their basic function.

Definitely the world’s most popular CMS is WordPress. It is a more of a blog than a typical CMS. In past couple of months WordPress is being modernised and has become more like CMS with the thousands of plug-ins added in it. Wordpress serves as the first choice for bloggers but simple websites can also be designed using WordPress. Of all the available solutions on internet, WordPress is the simplest and the easiest. For beginners WordPress is a great choice.

Joomla as compared to WordPress is complex. Even quite advanced websites can be created by understanding a little of joomla’s structure and terminologies. Joomla does not have any complicated installation or setup. Joomla has strong social networking features. With joomla comes a system cache plug-in that allows you to cache page that results in fast download of pages.

Web-designers and front-end developers might be in danger because of certain limitations of WordPress and joomla. Let’s have a look at the limitations of WordPress and joomla.

Limitations of WordPress

· Understanding of PHP language is required to carry out certain modifications related to data.

· Knowing CSS and HTML is required for any complication related to graphics. Or if you want to create your own unique template.

· WordPress also lacks a lot of plug-ins. Some plug-ins is just a clone of other plug-ins hence the desired functionality is difficult to achieve.

· Lacks security.

· Complicated graphics formatting and table modifications.

· Complex queries.

Limitations of Joomla

· Adjustment options are limited although it has better options as compared to WordPress but still things for more advanced users are missing.

· Efficiency problems arise when there are thousands of visitors on the website. Joomla cannot fulfil the bigger demands on server parameters.

· Everything associated with joomla is not free there are some plug-ins and modules that need to be purchased.

· Some plug-ins might frustrate you with compatibility issues.

· You might need to do some serious work on PHP code to get certain functionalities.

· There are some terrifying possibilities and functions for beginners especially. provides you with a wide range of attractive templates for your websites. We provide you with a wide range of both WordPress and Joomla templates. Our exclusive designs can give your website the exact look that it deserves.

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