lunedì 2 febbraio 2015

WordPress templates for business directory websites

Business directory websites have to provide information regarding the different types of businesses that can be found in an industry or region. The precision of the task of making a business directory website makes it difficult to pick the correct WordPress template for this purpose.

Many components have to come together in the proper proportion for the business directory to serve the purpose intended. A business directory WordPress template needs to have images, ratings, addresses, telephone numbers and Google map sections. Business directories have to be easy to navigate and provide the information properly.

Here is a list of some of the WordPress templates that can be used for making a business directory website.

Good Bye Blue Sky Template
Price: $29.00

This is a simple to use theme developed for WordPress. It is similar to an online portal where different type of businesses can be categorised. Admin at the backend is easy to use and the listings can be done quickly. Advertising space can be allocated in a short span of time. Filters and searches can be individually customised.

This theme can easily be used on mobile devices. The variety of options in widgets and in build options that help in achieving a unique look for the website. Google maps are fully integrated with the theme and location can be pointed.

Grunge But Clean Template
Price: $29.00

"Grunge But Clean" provides easy navigation through the pages. The directory website will be different from the other themes due to a vibrant mix of colour and features. Most importantly it’s a mobile friendly template that is a must for every website in today’s world.

This theme can only be used for a limited type of businesses as it doesn’t have that typical business directory look. So restaurant listing will be fine but a proper wide ranged list of all the businesses in a particular region will not go with this theme.

This template is user friendly and customisation can be done easily. In monetary terms this theme is an investment and if used for the proper industry it will be hugely popular.

G-Style Template
Price: $29.00

"G-Style" is a great theme to use when integrated with other plugins. It offers a variety of features that can be customised on the basis of the business mentioned. It is user friendly and the features can be understood quickly.

This helps in making the page creation of the directory website quick. There are single page views and the content can be added even after the template limit is over. The content is not limited and can be viewed with ease.

Because the Rain Template
Price: $29.00

This template is especially designed for a local business directory. Additional widgets can be used without compromising the clean look of the website. Google maps can be used to detailed listings as well.

"Because the Rain" allows the website to change the language of the text with the preferences of the consumers. There is a special space for promotional content. Events happening in the local town can also be placed here.